Welcome to my website. I truly believe that we are all meant to be healthy and whole. I have learned that we are beings of energy. When our energy is balanced and flowing, then we easily align mind, body and spirit, - and make our lives fuller and more harmonious.

I work with individuals, groups, and businesses to promote wellness on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I use various modalities and techniques, including ReikiTong RenQigongTarot, and Pi Gu (for weight and eating issues). I teach classes on metaphysical topics, because I know that we do need to feed our spirit to be truly healthy and whole.

It is my belief that we can each use the ideas of energy healing to find better ways of taking care of ourselves. And so, I encourage you to think energetically to help yourself maintain or regain health and balance. Did you know that doctors in ancient China were paid when their patients were healthy, and not paid when they became ill? I believe in prevention, and many clients come to me to work with them in developing healthy new habits for themselves. It is said that 75% of visits to doctors are related to stress. The work that I do with clients and students helps them learn to relax, to become more mindful in their lives, more creative, more productive.

This website is here to introduce you to what I do, to give you valuable information on my work and on how I may be of service to you. Please call or e-mail for a consultation or more information.

healing and 
endeavors by encouraging you
to think energetically.
Facilitating healing and wellness in central N.J.
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We are meant to be healthy and whole.

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