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What is Pi Gu?

Pi Gu (pronounced "pea-goo") is an energy healing technique that helps the digestive tract and the metabolism to get back into balance, and helps to get rid of cravings.

The philosophy behind Pi Gu, as with other energy techniques, is that when you are overweight or underweight, or have an addictive relationship to food, your energy is out of balance or blocked. Getting the energy to flow properly can allow your weight to stabilize and allow you to make peace with food.

Tom Tam developed this unique method as part of his healing system.

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Pi Gu - Energy Healing for Weight Issues

Make peace with food.
Release cravings and emotional eating.
Empower yourself.

Are you overweight?
Do you have cravings for chocolate, sweets, salty food?
Do you have an addictive relationship with food?
Pi Gu can help.

What is Pi Gu?
What happens in a Pi Gu session?

What happens in a Pi Gu Session?

Energy exercises: you learn several simple Qigong movements that you can do daily to control your appetite and help yourself to balance your energy.

A Pi Gu healing. As you sit comfortably in a chair and relax, I recharge your Qi, focus on the metabolism and digestive tract, "lock" your stomach so you will feel less hungry, and remove any cravings for sweets, salty foods, etc. Most clients feel relaxation, some energy movement, and a sense of calmness during the healings.

Eating awareness: You learn useful and powerful strategies for being more aware of what you eat and why. I offer support for your individual needs. I do not promote any one diet plan. We are all different, and no single plan works for everyone. But I do promote eating nutritiously with whole foods.

Pi Gu healings can give you what you need to change your relationship with food. You gradually learn to eat what your own body requires for sustenance. You may be surprised at the ease of your weight loss, with no depletion of energy. Developing a healthy relationship with food means lifelong freedom and promotes your wellness.

The healings have a cumulative effect, so I suggest a 4-6 week commitment to trying out Pi Gu. Depending on your needs, you may continue with weekly sessions, or go to twice monthly or monthly "tune ups".

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"Ruth's Pi Gu treatments have helped me tremendously. Emotional eating has proved an insurmountable barrier for me in the past. However, the philosophy and practice of Pi Gu provided me with a sense of focus and a cushion of support that has allowed me to take hold of the problem and release my pattern of unhealthy eating. I thank Ruth not only for providing treatments, but also for inspiration, encouragement, and a listening ear."
Erin, Bridgewater, NJ

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