We are meant to be healthy and whole.
What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") means "spiritually guided universal energy." It is a technique of gentle touch that enhances your body's natural healing ability. It is used for relaxation and stress reduction, for healing, and for helping to align mind, body, and spirit. The premise behind all forms of energy healing is that everything in the universe is composed of energy. If your energy is flowing, in balance, and vibrating naturally, then you are in balance and harmony. You can recover more easily from illness or injury, you can prevent illness and disharmony by using Reiki regularly.

What is wonderful about Reiki is that it is easy to learn, can be used for yourself as well as for helping others, and that your skills as a Reiki practitioner deepen and grow with regular use. As I like to say, Reiki is both very practical and very inspiring. Reiki promotes creativity, connectedness, and spiritual growth. I say often that Reiki has changed my life (for the better!)

Reiki was developed in Japan in the early 1900's by Mikao Usui, thus the name The Usui System of Natural Healing. There has been much uncovered in the past ten years or so about the early history and spread of Reiki (which you learn in the Reiki 1 class).
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Facilitating healing and wellness in central N.J.
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Info on Reiki Classes

There are 4 levels of Reiki training as I teach it (some traditions have 3 levels, combining Reiki 3 training and Master Teacher training). In each of levels 1-3, there are what we call attunements, a process of cleansing the energy channels, clearing them for better flow of energy. How far you pursue Reiki depends on your goals and needs. You will find any level of Reiki powerful and useful.

Reiki 1: open your ability to channel energy for yourself and others through 4 attunements. Learn Reiki principles and history, and learn self-treatment methods and treatment of others.

Training for First Degree Reiki includes two 3-hour group sessions, and a third session of private time with me, to be arranged with each student.

Reiki 2: deepen your healing power and awareness with the Second Degree attunement. Learn techniques for distance healing, and learn the conscious use of three Reiki symbols.

Training for Second Degree Reiki includes two 3-hour sessions in a group, and a third session of private time with me.

Reiki 3: receive the final attunement, with further deepening of Reiki. I call this the level of connecting.

Teaching Reiki Master: further study and apprenticeship is required for this level, to learn to do the attunements and to do training.

Training for Third Degree Reiki and Teaching Reiki Master is either individual or a very small, compatible group - at the higher levels, I gear the training very much to individual needs.

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Scheduled Reiki Classes

Reiki Level 1 class    Cost: $200

Can be scheduled.
Training includes 2 group sessions, and a third
session to be scheduled with each participant.

Class is limited to 4 students. Held in East Windsor, New Jersey.
Convenient to Middlesex and Mercer Counties. Near Princeton, East Brunswick, and Hamilton.

E-mail Ruth to register for class, get more information, or express interest in another timeframe or higher level class.

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Ruth's Credentials

I took my First Degree Reiki class in November, 1996, and became a Reiki Teaching Master in 1998. This means I am certified to train others and to certify them in the art and practice of Reiki. I have worked full-time as a healer and teacher since then, using Reiki as well as other modalities.
As a Reiki Teaching Master, I am a facilitator and guide for you in your own special process of awakening to who you are. In my trainings, I offer:

personal attention - small classes
expert teaching - years of experience
continuing support - lots of practice
Reiki certification upon completion

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"One feels safe to ask the question. Ruth teaches from a place of informed and calm intelligence. It is a pleasure to learn from her."
G.S., Nov. 2004

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