I am a healer and teacher with 20 years of experience and commitment to energy healing and promoting wellness. I have been working in central New Jersey since mid-2003.

After earning my Ph.D. in Slavic Linguistics from Harvard University, and teaching Russian as a graduate student, I then worked in the computer field. In 1996, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico -- knowing that my soul was leading me in a new direction. I had long been dedicated to the study of Eastern philosophy, metaphysics, mysticism, and the meditative arts.  I have always been a seeker - looking for the deeper meaning of life's experiences.

In Santa Fe, I started studying energy healing, and it was such a revelation. The Eastern ideas of Taoism and Zen Buddhism that I had always been drawn to inform the philosophy behind  the energy work I do.  The realization that we are beings of energy has given me an important insight that I had been missing. It has become my mission to open others to the vital relevance of holistic approaches in healing and wellness.

 I see clients in East Windsor, N.J., and also do phone consultations and distance healings. And I offer groups and classes at your location upon arrangement.

Facilitating healing and wellness in central N.J.
Phone: 609.426.9693  E-mail: RuthAGolush at aol.com

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We are meant to be healthy and whole.