Healing and Wellness Consultations

Energy healing arts assume that you are a multidimensional being. Your energy channels connect mind, body and spirit. Healings bring you into alignment, to return you to a state of health and vitality. When a client first comes to me, we talk about where you are, we find out what is out of alignment, and talk about where you want to be. Then we can determine a course of action. I will use one or more of the following modalities, as seems appropriate.
Tarot Readings

The Tarot images are keys to your inner wisdom and to the energies surrounding you. You can expand your awareness by exploring the stories told by the cards, and then make better decisions. Whether you come with unanswered questions, or just want to explore, a reading can be a perfect tool to help you find your way. A reading takes about an hour. Let me explain what the cards are telling you.

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Facilitating healing and wellness in central N.J.
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Tong Ren

A powerful energy healing system developed by Chinese healer Tom Tam (see www.TomTam.com). Based on the principles of Chinese medicine, the Western knowledge of the nervous system, and ideas of the collective unconscious of Carl Jung, Tong Ren is a wonderful modality that can facilitate healing for many illnesses and ailments. I have used Tong Ren since the year 2000.
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Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") means "spiritually guided universal energy." It is a technique of gentle touch that enhances your body's natural healing ability. It balances your energy, and can ease pain and alleviate trauma. A Reiki session is physically gentle, emotionally nurturing, and spiritually inspiring. I have been a Reiki Teaching Master since 1998 and offer training in Reiki as well as providing healings. See my Reiki page for more information about Reiki, including Reiki classes.

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Pi Gu for Weight Issues and Cravings

Pi Gu (pronounced "pea goo") is a specific subform of Tong Ren therapy that focuses on the digestive system, metabolism, and energetic areas where you store cravings and addictions.  I use Pi Gu to help clients who need to lose weight, to eat better for health purposes, to develop a more balanced relationship with food. Clients learn easy Qigong exercises for daily practice, get a healing, and learn valuable awareness and mindfulness techniques. You also get my ongoing support, which can be crucial for weight issues.

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Classes and Presentations

See my Ongoing page and Upcoming Programs page for scheduled classes. I teach Qigong and Tai Chi, two wonderful healing arts from ancient China. I teach you to do Tarot readings.
I offer classes on many energy healing forms and spiritual/metaphysical topics. I do wellness presentations for businesses and organizations.

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I can come to you for classes, if you are in central New Jersey.  If you and a group of friends would like a class of Qigong, or Tarot readings, or other of my services, this can be arranged.

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Distance Healing

Energy healing can be done long distance. (Energy is not limited in space or time - this is true!) I offer two kinds of distance healing work -- one is 20-30 minute phone sessions, where we can talk while I proceed with the healing. Another is an offering of 7 days of healing, with communication as needed by phone or e-mail -- clients often hire me to send healing energy to their relatives or friends.  This can be for physical healing (including for people who are hospitalized), for getting through school exams, for emotional clearing. The results can be amazing.  

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We are meant to be healthy and whole.